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ZTE Corporation
Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation
Traded as SZSE000063
Industry Telecommunications equipment
Networking equipment
Founded 1985; 35 years ago (as Zhongxing Semiconductor Co., Ltd.)
Founder Hou Weigui [zh] (Chinese侯為貴pinyinHóu Wéiguì)
Headquarters 55 Hi-tech Road South
Area served
Key people
Yin Yimin (Chairman)
Zhao Xianming (President and Executive Director)[1]
Products Mobile phonessmartphonestablet computers, hardware, software and services to telecommunications service providers and enterprises
Revenue Increase CN¥90.740 billion / US $13.2 billion (2019)
Increase CN¥7.55  billion (2019)
Increase CN¥5.49 billion (2019)
Total assets Increase CN¥141.202 billion (2019)
Total equity Increase CN¥35.079 billion (2019)
Owner Zhongxingxin (30.34%); China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
Number of employees
68,240 (2018)
Subsidiaries Nubia Technology (49.9%)
Website zte.com.cn
Footnotes / references
In consolidated financial statement;[1] shareholders' equity figure are excluding perpetual capital instrument
ZTE Corporation
Simplified Chinese 中兴通讯股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese 中興通訊股份有限公司
Literal meaning China-Prosperity Communications Company Limited by Shares
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 中兴通讯
Traditional Chinese 中興通訊
Literal meaning China-Prosperity Communications
Second alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 中兴
Traditional Chinese 中興
Literal meaning China-Prosperity [or the word itself: resurgence]

ZTE Corporation is a Chinese technology company that specializes in telecommunication. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.[2]

ZTE operates carrier networksterminals, and telecommunication.[3] Its core business is wirelessexchange, access, optical transmission, and data telecommunications gear; mobile phones; and telecommunications software.[4]

It also offers video on demand and streaming media.[5][6] ZTE primarily sells products under its own name, but it is also an OEM.[7] ZTE is one of the top five largest smartphone manufacturers in its home market.[8]

The company has faced criticism in the United States over potential ties to the Chinese government that could enable surveillance. In 2017, ZTE was fined for illegally exporting U.S. technology to Iran and North Korea in violations of economic sanctions.[9] In April 2018, after the company failed to properly reprimand the employees involved, the U.S. Department of Commerce banned U.S. companies (semiconductors) from exporting to ZTE for seven years. The ban was lifted in July 2018 after ZTE replaced its senior management, and agreed to pay additional fines and establish an internal compliance team for 10 years.[10][11] In June 2020, the Federal Communications Commission designated ZTE a national security threat, thereby barring it from any U.S. subsidies.[12][13][14][15][16]