TVS Company Heritage

A Century of Quality & Trust

The TVS group, right from its inception, believed in its destiny of growth, success, and longevity. The method and integrity of conducting business is what sets TVS apart from the rest.


The company was born in 1911, thanks to the ambitious dreams of the founding father, T V Sundaram Iyengar, who refused to settle managing smaller businesses like bus fleet operations or vehicle servicing. He wanted to build a business that would create a family of like-minded individuals pursuing only the best in quality and standards. And he made his dreams a reality.

The success of the TVS group is rooted in their founder's personal belief system - a commitment to the values of trust and customer service. Although the company is named after the founder, the letters TVS have always stood for Trust, Value, and Service within the company.

This remains the guiding, overarching philosophy by which the group functions. It was only natural that success and market leadership followed. Today, the TVS Group is one of India's leading suppliers of automotive components, with over 90 Companies under its umbrella and a revenue of around INR. 59400 Cr in 2017-18. The first four companies in India to have won the coveted Deming Prize are from the TVS Group.