Pran Mushur Dal - 1 Kg

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1 Kg
Manufacturer: PRAN-RFL Group
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Product details of Pran Mushur Dal - 1 Kg

  • Premium Quality
  • Product of Bangladesh
  • Brand : Pran
  • Size : 1 Kg

Mushur Dal - 1 Kg

Lentils are edible pulses or seeds that belong to the legume family. These lentils mostly consist of two halves covered in a husk. Both the seeds are lens-shaped, which is probably why they are named Lens culinaris in Latin. They are also one of the oldest known sources of food, dating back more than 9,000 years.
When it comes to affordable healthy eating, lentils are your new best friend. They're a nutritional powerhouse, offering plenty of essential nutrients that benefit your health, and they're also extremely versatile in the kitchen, so you can eat them without getting bored. Including lentils in your diet will benefit both your short- and long-term health .


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