LG Electronics

LG Electronics Inc. (KoreanLG 전자RRLG Jeonja) is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dongSeoul, South Korea.

LG Electronics is part of the fourth-largest chaebol in South Korea (LG Corporation) and its global sales reached US$55.91 billion ( 59.04 trillion) in 2014. It comprises four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliances & Air Solutions and Vehicle Components,[3] with Starion India[4] as its main production vendor for refrigeration and washing machines in the Indian sub-continent. LG Electronics acquired Zenith in 1995 and controls 37.9 percent of LG Display as of 2013.[5] Since 2008, LG Electronics remains the world's second-largest LCD television manufacturer.[6][7] The company has 128 operations worldwide,employing 83,000 people.[8]


LG Electronics' products include televisions, home theater systems, refrigerators, washing machines, computer monitors, wearable devices, solar modules, smart appliances and smartphones.


The LG SL9000 was one of several new Borderless HDTV's advertised for release at IFA Berlin in 2009.[25] LG Electronics launched an OLED TV in 2013 and 65-inch and 77-inch sizes in 2014.[26][27] LG Electronics introduced its first Internet TV in 2007, originally branded as "NetCast Entertainment Access" devices. They later renamed the 2011 Internet televisions to "LG Smart TV" when more interactive television features were added, that enable the audience to receive information from the Internet while watching conventional TV programming.

In November 2013, a blogger discovered that some of LG's smart TVs silently collect filenames from attached USB storage devices and program viewing data, and transmit the information to LG's servers and LG-affiliated servers.[28][29] Shortly after this blog entry went live, LG disabled playback on its site of the video, explaining how its viewer analytics work, and closed the Brightcove account the video was hosted on.

LG manufactures remote control models that use Hillcrest Labs' Freespace technology to allow users to change channels using gestures[30] and Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology for voice recognition.[31]

As of 2014, LG is using webOS with a ribbon interface with some of its smart TVs. LG reported that in the first eight months after release, it had sold over 5 million webOS TVs.[32]

In 2016, exclusively to India, Indian arm of South Korea's LG Electronics Inc started selling a TV that would repel mosquitoes.[33] It uses ultrasonic waves that are silent to humans but cause mosquitoes to fly away.[33] It was released on 16 June 2016. The technology was also used in air conditioners and washing machines.[33] The TV is aimed for lower-income consumers living in conditions that would make them susceptible to mosquitoes.[33]

In 2018, it was reported that LG was planning to sell big-screen televisions that could be rolled up and retract automatically with the push of a button come 2019.[34]

Mobile devices[edit]

Mobile phones[edit]

LG G4 range

Electronics manufactures smartphones and tablet devices.[35] Other than the G3, LG officially unveiled the curved smartphone, G Flex, on 27 October 2013. LG released it in South Korea in November 2013 and later announced releases in Europe, the rest of Asia and North America.[36][37] At Consumer Electronics Show in January 2014, LG announced a US release for the G2 across several major carriers.[38] In 2015, LG released LG G4 globally in late May through early June.[39] On 7 September 2016, LG unveiled the V20,[40] and the V30 was announced on 31 August 2017. LG G6 was officially announced during MWC 2017 on 26 February 2017.[41] The introduction of the G7 ThinQ model was scheduled for other a 2 May 2018 media briefing.[42]

Tablet computers[edit]

In 2014, LG announced three new additions to the G series of tablets, which have LG's Knock Code feature, allowing users to unlock devices with a series of taps. The tablets also feature Q Pair which allows tablets to sync up with a smartphone, with phone calls and text messages passed on to the tablet in real time.[43]

Smart watches[edit]

LG Watch Urbane LTE
LG G Watch R

LG and Google announced the Android Wear-based smartwatch, the LG G Watch, that was in June 2014.[44] In August 2014, the LG G Watch R that has a circular face (similar to the Moto 360) was released.[45] The LG Watch Urbane that LG's third Android Wear-based smart watch has released in April 2015. This was the first device to support newer smartwatch features such as Wi-Fi, and new parts of Android Wear's software interface, like the ability to draw emoji to friends.[46]

Rolly keyboard[edit]

In 2015, LG announced a Bluetooth keyboard that folds up along the four rows of keys for portability. The Rolly keyboard is made of solid plastic. Two tiny plastic arms fold out from the end of the keyboard to support a tablet or smartphone and it can toggle between two different Bluetooth-connected devices at a time. Battery life is an expected three months on a single AAA battery.[47]

Home appliances[edit]

LG Signature LSA 50 A air purifier

LG manufactures home appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and microwave ovens. In June 2014, LG Electronics announced the launch of its smart appliances with HomeChat messaging service in South Korea. HomeChat employs LINE, the mobile messenger app from Korean company 'Naver', to let homeowners communicate, control, monitor and share content with LG's smart appliances.[48] Users can send simple messages, such as "start washing cycle," in order to control their washing machines.[48]