Cocola Food

Cocola  Food Products  Ltd. is one of the leading food manufacturers is Bangladesh started its journey in 1973 with a vision to improve the standard of food habit of the concumers by offering innovatve and quality products in the markets. The first product of this company was Cocola lozenge, through which Cocola was well know to its consumers. Step by step it has launch Biscuits, Noodles, Chocolates, Chips, Wafers and so many snacks products. Now Cocola has more than 100 SKU’s.

Cocola has started its Biscuit line by producing Marie Biscuit. Gradually the company introduced Cocola Glucose Biscuit, Cocola Pineapple Cream Biscuit, Cocola Champion Chocolate Cream Biscuit, Cocola Shahi Toast Biscuit and many more. Now a days Cocola has vision to give its consumers healthy food that must be time saving also. The company has developed its expertise over four decades and strengthened its foothold in the industry by meeting consumers expection continuously. Now a days with a huge workforce its sales & distribution network has widely exposed all over Bangladesh to make available Cocola consumer’s desire to their nearest outlet.

Picture of Pusti Mustard Oil 250ml
Pusti Mustard Oil 250ml
৳ 60.00 ৳ 65.00
  • Product Type: Pusti Mustard Oil-250ml
  • Brand : Pusti 
  • Weight: 250ml
  • Fresh and good quality product

Cocola Chocolate Cream Biscuit- 75g
৳ 15.00
  • Product type: Cocola  Chocolate Cream Biscuit- 75g
  • Brand: Cocola  
  • weight: 75g
  • Good Quality Product